Darlene Egelhoff
(970) 209-9086
123 W. Tomichi Ave #8
Gunnison, CO 81230


Initial Consultation, 15 minutes: FREE

Level I & II Diagnostic Intake Assessment: $35

Course workbooks $15 for Level I and II Education. $5 each for Level II Therapy, typically 4 to 5 books are needed.

Level I Education, 12hrs over 3 sessions: $180 total

Level II Education, 24hrs over 12 weeks, 2hr group session: $25

Level II Therapy, 2hr group session: $25

Interlock Enhancement Counseling (IEC) , 2hr group session: $25

Interlock Enhancement Counseling, 30 minute individual session: $25

IEC consists of 10hrs of individual and group counseling over a 5-month period. Specifically, 4 individual sessions (30 mins each about once a month) and 4 group sessions (2hrs each about once a month). Successful completion of the IEC program hrs may count toward Level II Treatment requirement.

Initial Consultation, 15 minutes: FREE

Substance Abuse/Mental Health Diagnostic Intake Assessment: $150

Substance Abuse/Mental Health Diagnostic Assessment with Report: $175 (Court-ordered Drug/Alcohol Assessment)

Individual Adult/Adolescent Counseling, 50 minutes: $70, sliding scale

Case Management & Consultation, 15 minute increments: $20